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Posted by emma 2011/05/17

Absolutely brilliant. The collaborative game playing / decision making group process was particularly fascinating… very reflective of collaborative devising, performance-making processes in some ways! I was definitely left feeling like I wanted to ‘play again!’. I would love to think that I could attend this performance over & over and always discover something new. I would also love to attend this again in another building… with new rooms, layouts and secrets to discover…!


Posted by kelly 2011/11/03

Loved this.

Our minds, our lives, our relationships all rely on instant decisions. OR are our paths already set? Does it really not matter which way we turn? Are we all just in a giant “unbuilt room” game? These are just some of the conversations we had after the performance….

What I loved about it was how guarded we all were at first, how it was odd for us to let down boundaries and work as a team. What did it all mean, were we being tested?

Simple, effective, entertaining.
Best event at White Nights without doubt.
Thank you :o )



‘The Unbuilt Room is a powerful reminder of how beguiling simplicity can be…  It was also however surprisingly funny, helped by Kriebel’s ability to play the almost computerised games master, and his very impressive grasp on the structure of the game.’

Fringe Review, 13 May 2011 – Vivienne Egan

‘This experience is all about discovery – discovery of an environment, and discovery of its rules…  It’s a powerful reflection of the frustrations of life, and a fascinating revival of a unique style of storytelling.’

Fringe Guru, 13 May 2011 – Richard Stamp

‘Despite its simplicity this is a deeply well thought out and complex work of theatrical art. This is in stark contrast with the kind of theatre that so often appears complex in order to hide its lack of true originality and depth…
The Unbuilt Room is not only clever, but it is fun… There are but a few theatrical productions that can combine humour and entertainment with the profound, this is one of them.’

Brighton Magazine, 23 October, 2010 – Howard Young, Arts Editor

‘My first pick of the Fringe is The Unbuilt Room in the dining room of The Nightingale Theatre.  Part performance, part game experience exploring memory in this intimate production.’

Andrew Combden, Chief Executive, Brighton Dome & Festival

‘At the end, you’re left wondering what’s through an unopened door you only ever imagined in the first place.’

The Argus, 11 May 2011 – Adrian Imms



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