Other Work


Zoe Bouras and I were commissioned to participate in Dip Your Toe!  The Nightingale, The Marlborough and Brighton Fringe constructed six replica Victorian bathing machines to be inhabited by performers throughout the 2012 Brighton Fringe.

We presented VIVASCOPE.
We converted our bathing machine into a camera obscura.  Small audiences – up to 5 people at a time – were invited into the bathing machine to view a performance happening outside through the camera obscura…
A unique combination of camera obscura and live performance, a narrator inside the machine turns the gaze of the camera obscura on performers outside… creating images which appear magical even to the 21st century eye.  Using no electricity, Vivascope is a combination of ancient technology and contemporary vision.

Each performance lasts 10-15 minutes.
As part of Dip Your Toe, we worked with GCSE drama students from Dorothy Stringer School to produce their own performances for the Vivascope.

Details about the project can be found on the Vivascope blog.


Vivascope Update!  In late July 2012, Zoe Bouras & I were invited to present a new version of Vivascope for the very first Milton Keynes Fringes Festival Fringe.  We had a lovely time and they took great care of us.  Good things are happening there!